Best and Worst Foods for White Teeth

Best and Worst Foods for White Teeth.

What you eat can be confusing if you are trying to get white teeth. This article will tell you the best and worst foods for white teeth.

Best Foods To Avoid After A Teeth Whitening

The teeth are a delicate component of the mouth which is basically used for biting, grinding and chewing food. The condition of the teeth can go a long way to either boost or reduce one’s self-esteem and confidence.

Brown teeth are usually not desirable as it is found to cripple good interpersonal relation or communication skills. If you are suffering from this condition of teeth discoloration, so many teeth whitening and bleaching treatment options have been made available for you.

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Below are some foods you should do away with immediately after your bleaching therapy. Avoidance of these food types will maintain your new teeth radiance and prevent any staining.

1: Dark Sauces

Stew containing dark sauces can alter your teeth brightness. Avoid tomato sauces, dark gravies and soy sauce. These sauces are common in Italian foods, so if you are a lover of such foods, it is time to part way for the sake of your dental health.

2: Acidic Fruits

The high acidic content of some fruits like oranges, lemon, grape, apples etc. gradually causes your enamel to be eroded. This allows the teeth to be easily stained.

For the sake of your new white teeth, keep limes and lemonades too out of your diet. You can treat yourself with other fruit types like banana, pawpaw etc. which are not characteristically acidic in nature.

Also, some dark fruits and juices such as blueberries, tomato, cranberry etc. should be avoided after a teeth whitening therapy because they can also deposit some coloration on your teeth surface.

3: Coffee And Tea

It is a common trend for us to start our day with a cup of tea. It may be heartbreaking for you after your teeth whitening therapy, as you would have to put a stop to the intake of coffee and tea. Think about it, have you ever seen any form of stains on your teacup after consuming the content. The sugar, syrup, and flavorings actually deposit some stains.

This is what is likely to happen to your teeth especially when you consume black tea which has high tannin content. Caffeine too also causes dehydration and dry mouth which enhances the action of the mouth bacteria.

Their action on sugars present in the mouth can lead to the production of acids that could cause the teeth to be eroded. One way to curb this is to take enough water after a caffeine intake. Rinse mouth thoroughly with water and you can also chew sugarless gum.

4: Red Wine

You are also to stay off red wines as they are capable of causing a discoloration of your newly whitened dentition.  I know how much we love to take wine when we are relaxing or celebrating with friends and family but staying off this appealing drink is not worth your newly restored glowing smile and confidence.

Although better to stay off, you can adjust with time to utilize straw in drinking your merlot to avoid possible contact with your white teeth.

5: Cold Foods and Drinks

After a teeth whitening therapy, you may feel some discomfort after consumption of cold foods and some drinks like ice cream, frozen yogurt and ice water. So if you are the type that loves taking cold stuffs, you will be doing yourself a lot of good by abstaining from it immediately after your teeth whitening therapy.

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Best Foods To Eat To Help Get And Maintain White Teeth

At your dentist’s office or at the grocery store, there are several products and services which promise to light up your smile instantly. But before spending another hour on the dentist’s chair or reaching for that whitening kit, consider these cheap and natural, at times unconventional (but mostly delicious) tooth whitening foods that will make you smile confidently:

food to get white teeth

1: Oil (virgin coconut oil or sesame oil)

Oil or oil pulling – that is when oil is used to gargle, not to cook. You will swish virgin coconut oil or sesame oil inside your mouth and spit it out after 15 minutes.

While the substance is being “pulled” around in the teeth, there will be an absorption of nutrients by the mucous membranes.

Sesame oil has vitamin A, vitamin B, Vitamin E, calcium, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids; while the virgin coconut oil contains antibacterial properties, which promote teeth free from cavity and healthier gums.

Just ensure that you do not swallow any portion of the saliva that forms while you are gargling.

2: Strawberries

Malic acids are natural astringents which act as bleaching agents, and they are present in almost every commercially available dental bleaching product.

Strawberries are full of this primary ingredient, which will naturally whiten the teeth, so ensure to include them in your grocery bag while on a visit to the next farmer’s market. Also, strawberries contain vitamin C which helps to remove plaque.

3: Apples

An apple contains malic acid in high levels. The act of chewing and biting on the crunchy fruit scrubs away bacteria, stains, and debris gently from the mouth.

4: Celery

You are bidding goodbye to the stains on your teeth while snacking on a piece of celery at break time! The water content will stimulate the production of saliva – a natural mouth washer, while the fibrous cellulose will perform the task of a natural toothbrush.

5: Carrots

Chewing raw on carrots (rabbits’ favorites) will increase the quantity of saliva in the mouth, and clean it up even more. Carrots contain vitamin A which is not just good for the eyesight, but also helps to strengthen the tooth enamel.

6: Broccoli

Broccoli is a vegetable that abrades the tooth surfaces gently when it’s eaten raw, eliminating unsightly spots. Broccoli contains iron which protects the tooth enamel by covering or coating it with invisible barriers that keep away cavity-causing acid.

7: Cheese

Most cheeses do not stain the teeth since they are colorless.

Also, they contain phosphorus and calcium, which help in strengthening gums and teeth through re-mineralization. Also, these properties help to insulate your teeth from harmful acids inside your mouth.

8: Water

Drinking of water will help in keeping you hydrated as well as prevent stains from remaining on the teeth. A simple swish of water in the mouth after drinking or eating beverages foods rich in pigment will ensure your smile is bright and white.

Also, water reduces the overall acidity of the mouth, decreasing the probability of having your tooth enamel damaged. Just ensure you stick to flat water, because the bright variety will increase your chances of eroding the surfaces of the teeth.

9: Pineapple

There is an enzyme known as bromelain in pineapples, which is a natural remover of stains that helps in separating plaque from the teeth surface as well.

This prevents erosion of the tooth and discourages the formation of cavities, resulting in whiter and healthier teeth.

10: Shiitake Mushroom

This fungus is full of lentinan, a kind of sugar which doesn’t promote the decay of teeth, but rather slows the formation by preventing the proliferation of bacteria that forms plaque in the mouth.

11: Salmon

Salmon contains vitamin D which helps the body to absorb phosphorus and calcium, nutrients that contribute to a lovely smile and strengthen your teeth.

12: Basil

This herb is a natural antibiotic which has bacteria-inhibiting characteristics that prevent cavity formations.

#13: Garlic and Onions

The key is to eat these raw. By doing so, it releases compounds (thiosulfonates and thiosulfates) that reduce bacteria – this promotes healthier teeth by the reduction of plaque formation. Since they are colorless, garlic and onions will not stain your teeth as well.


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