Billionaire Teeth Whitening Review

Billionaire Teeth Whitening Kit








Desensitization Gel


Time to use



  • Get up to 7 shades whiter
  • Eliminates a variety of stains
  • Desensitization Gel Included
  • Led Light
  • How To Guide


  • Could included more gel
  • High priced product

When I was looking to buy my first Teeth whitening Kit online, I came across Billionaire Teeth Whitening. This is my in depth Billionaire Teeth Whitening Review.

Hi There!,  My name is Luke and here is my review on the Billionaire Teeth Whitening Kit.

I actually first heard about their kits and gels when I was on holiday in Switzerland with my Girlfriend.We were visiting the Swiss Alps and the other tourists thought we were crazy for just wearing shorts in the cold!

This article is about why i choose the Billionaire Teeth Whitening kit and the results that I have seen with my teeth.

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I Love Coffee and Fizzy Drinks… 

Now I really really love coffee and fizzy drinks.

Everyday I will have at least two coffees in the morning and at least one can of fizzy drink. If I am having a really stressful day, then sometimes I can drink two bottles a day!

Most people think I am crazy and should be bouncing with energy, but it has become the normal for me.

The problem is, that my teeth were getting worse and worse because of this.

They were coffee stained and a gross yellow colour. I was starting to feel embarrassed about the way my teeth looked.

Not to even think what my dentist bills might be looking like!

I tried different teeth whitening toothpastes over the years, but nothing ever helped.

Obviously I can’t give up coffee or fizzy drink, so I needed to find a real solution that was going to deliver me real results.

I just wanted to be confident in my smile, I just wanted whiter teeth.

This is when I found the Billionaire Teeth Whitening Kits and Gels.

These products have completely changed they way my teeth look and also how I feel about them.

I no longer feel embarrassed to smile in photos.

So I really wanted to write this Billionaire Teeth Whitening review so you too can have pearly whites and may even relate to my problems.

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My Billionaire Teeth Whitening Review: My Thoughts and Opinions

When I was searching for the solution that was going to give me white teeth, there were heaps of options all over the internet.

There were expensive ones, cheap ones, ones with mouth guards and ones with lasers. It was very confusing as what was the best one.

The reason why I went for Billionaire Teeth Whitening, is that it had the complete solution in one kit.

It had real results from real people.It wasn’t selling me a fake “in 10 minutes and you will have whiter teeth solution”.

This was a proper one designed by dentists.

You maybe thinking, well if it was designed by dentist’s, it must be expensive? Well it wasn’t at all, plus they usually have a sale going.

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So my next concern was that I had sensitive teeth, so I was looking for something that was going to be a painless experience. The Billionaire Teeth Whitening kit comes with desensitisation gel which is perfect for people with sensitive teeth.

The Billionaire Teeth Whitening kit had everything I needed to get my white teeth I wanted. This was what was included:


Billionaire Teeth Whitening Review

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  • 3 x 3ml Billionaire Whitening Gel Formula
  • 1 x 3ml Billionaire Desensitisation Gel
  • 2 x Billionaire Mouldable Trays
  • 1 x Billionaire Tray Case
  • 1 x Billionaire Activating LED Light
  • 1 x Billionaire Teeth Whitening Guide
  • 1 x Billionaire Gold Plated Toothbrush

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Billionaire Teeth Whitening Descriptions:

Our teeth whitening kit provides everything needed to professionally whiten your teeth in the privacy of your home and contains the highest quality dental-grade ingredients.

Designed to brighten your smile and everyone else’s day, you won’t just have brighter teeth; our teeth whitening kit may just change your life.

Billionaire Teeth Whitening Gel Formula
A billionaire smile starts with the right formula. We’ve included the most effective 18% carbamide peroxide whitening formula in our teeth whitening kit. The Billionaire Whitening formula is the secret to success.

When used, it will open doors to new opportunities and give you new levels of confidence. It’s not just a gel; it’s a game-changer.

Billionaire Desensitisation Gel
Everyone wants a billionaire smile but some people’s teeth may have minor sensitivity to the whitening gel which can cause slight discomfort.
To allow everyone to achieve their billionaire smile, we have created desensitising gel to eliminate sensitivity and revitalise your enamel.

Billionaire Mouldable Trays & Case
No two smiles are alike, and neither are our trays. Create your Billionaire Smile with mouldable trays designed to fit comfortably over your teeth.
Slip these over your teeth then relax in style, while science does all the work. Once you are done, store it in its included case.

Billionaire Activating LED Light
Shine on, Billionaire. Our activating light transforms your smile from ordinary to luxurious. Featuring six powerful LED lights, this powerful tool works with the billionaire whitening gel to increase the whitening process.

Use it. Your smile will be up to 12 shades whiter!
We’ve done the research into what makes a billionaire smile so that you could experience one.

Billionaire Teeth Whitening Guide
Obtaining a billionaire smile does not have to be hard -especially when we include a guide in our teeth whitening kit.
Our simple to read guide provides step-by-step instructions on whitening and caring for your teeth. You’ll be ready to go as soon as you receive your teeth whitening kit

My Billionaire Teeth Whitening: So What Did I Think?

This product has worked really well for me and I am stoked to have come across it. It is easy to use and has given me proven results, just look below.

You can see the difference between my coffee stained teeth and my new pearly white teeth!

Billionaire Teeth Whitening Review

This transformation is over a seven day period. Results will vary for everyone, but I can honestly say that you will see results.

Not only did I love the results, I also loved:

  • I loved that it didn’t hurt my teeth. Usually I have sensitive teeth, however the desensitization gel made the whole process very painless.
  • Once I ordered the product, I had arrived within two weeks of purchasing it. To me shipping time is really important and I thought that it arrived very quickly.
  • Another reason why the kit is awesome, is that I that can keep reusing the mould of my teeth. Just reapply the gel into the mould and use.
  • It only takes a seven days of use to see dramatic results.

There were a couple of things that they could work on though:

  • The desensitization gel was great, but I could have used more. I would need to buy more for the next time I use the product.
  • The gold plated toothbrush is abit over kill. I reckon they could reduce the price slightly and get rid of the toothbrush from the kit.

Billionaire Teeth Whitening: What a bargain. Real Results for Real People

Billionaire Teeth Whitening ReviewBillionaire Teeth Whitening Kit

The Billionaire Teeth Whitening kit has exceeded my expectations immensely as one of the best products in the market.

It is well priced, it works and you can get results like me.

No longer do I need to give up my two cups of coffee a day or my cans of fizzy drink. I know I can continue to eat and drink what I want and still have white teeth.

It was easy to use and only took one week to start seeing some real results.

How can you get it?

You can buy your own Billionaire Teeth Whitening Kit on Sale by clicking on the link below,

I Want to get Pearly White Teeth Like the Celebrities Today

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About the Author

Billionaire Teeth Whitening Review 2

Hi Everyone,my name is Luke and I am from New Zealand.

I have struggled with having coffee stained teeth and non straight teeth all my life, until about 6 months ago when I decided to find the perfect teeth whitening solution. There are so many options, it can get all confusing.

So I decided that I would write reviews on the most popular ones in the market and also provide you with information on how you too can get beautiful white teeth.

*Photo is my and my girlfriend on holiday in Switzerland, what a awesome country!*

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