Teeth Whitening Sydney

Teeth whitening in Sydney is extremely popular and there are many places that offer this service. Because of this, we put together our top five recommendations on where to get teeth whitening in Sydney done. These recommendations are based on price, location, results and customer reviews.

If you are wanting to get your teeth whitened in Sydney, make sure you check out these places first.

Apex dental care:
-tagline: Gentle, caring, quality, dentistry
-location: Suite 110, 10 Century Circuit, Norwest Business Park, Baulkham Hills,  NSW 2153
-price range: $129 if you do not have private health insurance. If you have dental insurance cover then you don’t pay a thing.
-services and offers: Apex dental is based around many locations in NSW. This business provides regular check ups, restorative treatments, children’s dentistry, cosmetic functions as well as partial dentures. You are also able to go on a payment plan to pay out your dental expenses.
-contact/hours: 1300 273 933
                        Monday/Wed/Thurs/Fri – 9:30am-5pm
                        Tuesday/Sun – Closed
                        Sat – By appointment only

-web address: https://www.apexdentalcentre.com.au/

PureSmile teeth whitening company:
-tagline: Not available
-location: 75 Castlereagh St, Suite 304,Sydney NSW 2000
-price range: Exclusive treatment: $143.20
                    Platinum treatment: $159.20
                    Signature treatment: $199.20
-services and offers: Offers treatments such as teeth whitening, LED skin rejuvination and dentist teeth whitening.
-contact/hours: 1300 858 199
                        Monday-Fri – 9am-6pm
                        Sat/sun – 9am-5pm
-web address: https://www.puresmile.com.au

Martin Place dental health:
-tagline: It starts with a smile
-location: MLC Centre, Level 10, 1001/19 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000
-price range: Take home kit: $295 or Zoom: $545
-services and offers: Offers many services such as teeth whitening, fillings, root canal treatment, dental implants and many many more. There are two options for teeth whitening – take home teeth whitening and zoom teeth whitening. Take home teeth whitening allows you to use the kit at home and whiten your teeth yourself using the trays provided in the kit. The zoom option uses light activated bleach gel that gives you 7 shades whiter teeth in an hour.
-contact/hours: 9232 3866
                        Monday-Thursday- 7:30am – 6pm
                        Friday – 8am-2pm
                        Sat/Sun – Closed

-web address: https://www.martinplacedentalhealth.com.au

Premier dental Sydney:
-tagline: Not available
-location: Suite 1203, 14 Martin Pl, Sydney NSW 2000
-price range: $450
-services and offers: Offers services such as zoom teeth whitening treatments, preventive care, cosmetic dentistry, oral cancer screening. The teeth whitening treatment is the zoom option. This uses a bleach gel to whiten teeth. As well as this treatment, they provide a free checkup.
-contact/hours: 9146 6415
                        Monday-Thursday – 8am-7pm
                        Friday- 8am-5pm
                        Sat/Sun – Closed

-web address: https://www.premierdentalsydney.com.au

Smile labs:
-tagline: You’re only a click away from an awesome smile
-location: 26/73 Belmore Rd, Randwick NSW 2031
-price range: Not available
-services and offers: Teeth whitening treatment in-chair which provides dramatic results that are up to eight shades whiter. Need to be 18+ to have this treatment done as it can have negative effects on their teeth along with women who are pregnant and breastfeeding. Takes half an hour – an hour to complete the procedure and can see results immediately.
-contact/hours: 0416 810 632
                       Monday/Tues/Wed/Fri – 10am-6pm
                       Thurs – 10am-7pm
                       Sat – 11am-5pm
                       Sun – Closed

-web address: http://smilelabsrandwick.com.au